Indochina Automotive LLC (ICAUTO)

“We proudly represented the Italian motorcycle brand - Ducati, and we’re proud of our many firsts in the marketplace and firsts in the hearts of our customers in Vietnam.” - Bradley Lalonde, Chairman of Indochina Automotive LLC (ICAUTO).

In 2009, Indochina Automotive LLC (ICAUTO) was founded by Vietnam Partners LLC, which is a 100% foreign-owned enterprise engaging in automotive distribution and service in Vietnam’s market. In the same year, ICAUTO granted the sole distribution rights of several premium automotive brands (complete built unit) in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Since 2010, ICAUTO has been leading the big bike segment by acquiring the sole distribution of Ducati, which was the first international motorcycle brand to enter the large 500cc motorbike market in Vietnam. Today, Ducati is the most desirable motorcycle brand proven by many Ducatisti communities across the country.


  • ICAUTO gained 15% market shares in over 500cc market.
  • ICAUTO became the exclusive distributor for Ducati brand in Vietnam in 2009.
  • Ducati Vietnam was the largest investment of Vietnam Partners from 2009 – 2019.
October 2009 - March 2020