Advisory Services

Vietnam Partners serves as a bridge for companies looking to expand into Vietnam or to grow internationally from a base in Vietnam. The firm focuses on three service categories aligned with Vietnam’s rapid internationalization: Business Development/Strategy, Financial Institutions and Trade. Vietnam Partners’ advisory services are focused especially on business between Vietnam and the U.S., enhanced by growing capabilities to support business with Europe and key economies in Asia.

For companies and institutional investors based in the U.S

Looking to build their business in Vietnam, Vietnam Partners offers a wide variety of deliverables, including:

Market and competitive analysis

Assessment of relevant government regulations and licenses

Identification of joint venture partners

Strategic plans & Implementation support.

For companies based in Vietnam

Vietnam Partners offers a similar set of deliverables for the development of business in the U.S.

Financial Institutions Services.

Leveraging its substantial experience in the banking market, Vietnam Partners works with domestic banks to grow their business by adapting best practices not yet implemented in Vietnam. Areas of focus include building dedicated SME business units, introducing commercial leasing and expanding the overall funding base through overseas private-sector and government vehicles.

Trade Services

Vietnam Partners’ services in this area emphasize the financing of two main categories of business: shorter-term, self-liquidating transactions and medium-term, trade-related activities.

Self-liquidating transactions

Vietnam Partners assists local banks to set up and operate service platforms for SME customers that enable them to take advantage of U.S. Exim Bank and similar programs for letters of credit in support of imports from the U.S. to Vietnam. Programs can be designed for minimal Basle III impact. A representative example is the import of feed grains for a meatpacking customer. In the same bank-based program approach for export from Vietnam, the firm helps set up tailored “structured” facilities.

Structured facilities

To support SME trade-related business that is not tied directly to letters of credit and require longer financing term, Vietnam Partners constructs customized programs that provide financing from capital sources outside of the country. These programs can support both import and export activities. A representative example is the import of high-ticket medical equipment for a distributor who ultimately installs it at a clinic or hospital where the cash conversion cycle may extend to a year or more. These programs can also be configured to minimize Basle III reserve requirements.

“The Vietnamese Government commits to support and create the most favourable conditions for foreign businesses investing and operating in Vietnam.” – Pham Minh Chinh, Prime Minister of Vietnam.