Investment Banking

Vietnam Partners distinguishes itself from the agency model of fund managers and investment banks by making direct investments in its own funds, client companies and projects. The firm’s leadership believes that the key to successful investing in Vietnam is hands-on involvement. The largest limited partner is a group consisting mostly of Vietnam Partners’ investors, including the firm itself.

Project Development and Strategic & Financial Advisory engagements typically stipulate a significant role for Vietnam Partners in overall management in addition to capital raising and M&A advisory services. Direct investments have been made in Distribution & Trading, Banking, Education, Green Energy and Digital Transformation over the years.

Vietnam’s capital markets have shown tremendous growth over the last twenty years and are playing an increasingly important role in many exit opportunities. The Government is committed to continued renewal and reform of the public and private sectors. More than a third of investors rate Vietnam’s private equity market as the most attractive in the ASEAN region.


1) Look for the right companies and the right people

2) Identify growth drivers in target companies, sectors, and industries

3) Utilize our local expertise and network to accurately evaluate opportunities


1) Combine past, present, and future variables to arrive at a fair valuation

2) Understand interests of all stakeholders and ensure they are aligned

3) Conduct holistic due diligence processes with insights from local network


1) Strengthen and expand businesses and markets through our expertise and network

2) Recruit talents and cultivate incentive-based corporate culture to improve productivity in management and operation

3) Assist in integrating ESG practices into company policies


1) Build up exit strategy from start by creating a tentative timeline and identifying potential exit options (Trade Sale, IPO, or SPAC)

2) Perform readiness scan 18 months before intended exit to check market and company conditions

3) Highlight strengths and values of companies to buyers